Who We Are

“From roots to tips - to spread the ancient legacy of Ayurvedic hair care and make hair-oiling part of your self-love routine”

The hair-oiling tradition has been passed from generation to generation in the majority of Indian households. The tradition is a family affaire; every member gets involved in the process of oiling each other’s hair. Our grand-mother continues to oil our mother’s hair and our mother continues to oil our hair to this day. Although it is a popular tradition exercised in India, it is not widely practiced in the West. Our parents immigrated to Canada in the 90’s and they brought their culture to our new home. As kids, our mother sent us to school the same way she got sent to school – hair oiled and neatly braided. It is a tradition for girls to attend school with braided hair in India, but our peers in Canada obviously did not come to school the same way, which easily made us feel different from others. At the time, we did not understand why our mother did this, but today, we are grateful she continued to do it no matter how much we complained. The oil mixture varies in each household – ours was very thick and had a particular scent. For this reason, we stopped oiling our hair during our teenage years and after a while, we noticed our hair was not as healthy as it used to be – especially since we started using hot tools to straighten or curl our hair. As we got older, the increased stress we experienced from school and work had a direct impact on our hair. It was not as healthy as it used to be. Our mother encouraged us to start oiling our hair again and we saw success in our hair health within just a few weeks. Now that we are older, we quickly understood why our mother oiled our hair and the benefits it provides. We realized our problems are not unique – many men and women experience issues with their hair every day. Health conditions, stress, pregnancy and hormonal changes are just some of the many factors that easily cause hair health issues. We decided to take action and create the perfect product to help those who are struggling to achieve healthy hair the natural way. We believe this ancient holistic approach can aid those who want to have healthy hair.

It is important to note that hair-oiling is an Ayurvedic practice. Ayurveda is a natural system of medicine that originated in India and it translates to “knowledge of life”. Essentially, the Ayurvedic lifestyle encourages the balance between the mind, body, spirit and environment through natural therapies and healthy habits. Nevertheless, the Ayurvedic practice of hair oiling suffers as it slowly becomes a trend in the Western World. Many companies will decide to import time-honoured ingredients used in Asian Cultures and mass-produce them to make products – where they eventually market it as a holy-grail solution. Ayurveda encourages natural ingredients; thus, Ayurveda and our current free-market are not friends. Hair oils that are mass-produced do not guarantee the benefits of hair-oiling under Ayurveda. It is best to use ingredients that are natural, organic and cold-pressed, which is exactly how our product is produced. Our oil does not contain any fillers or chemicals – MAYU oil is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and conforms to the holistic practice.

Our mother has been improving her recipe for years and with our help, we created the perfect blend – it is not too thick, it is not too liquid and it smells great! It is suitable for everyone and anyone. Our oil blend suits all needs and you do not have to figure out your own blend – we got you covered. By purchasing MAYU oil, you will have access to our family’s secret blend. It has helped us achieve confidence through our hair and we aim for you to achieve the same through consistent use. We hope to welcome you into our family! 


Sneha & Dixita




We embrace cross-cultural diversity – although the hair-oiling tradition is mainly practiced in the Indian culture, we hope to make the tradition practiced in diverse cultures. Our oil is meant for anyone and everyone. 


Sustainability in business is incredibly important, especially with all the environmental issues we are facing today. MAYU promises to be eco-conscious – from sourcing our ingredients to the product packaging. Our packaging is fully recyclable and the bottles can be washed and reused for other personal purposes.


We believe in Ayurvedic medicine, which is a lifestyle that emphasizes good health and well-being. We encourage healthy lifestyles and the treatment of illnesses through lifestyle practices and natural remedies such as hair-oiling.