The secret to healthy hair is here.


MAYU oil saved me! I’ve been experiencing a lot of hair loss lately, but thanks to this oil, my hair loss has decreased very much. I also love how smooth and silky it leaves my hair. I have a lot of dead ends but the oil makes it softer. Also, the price is very affordable, if you’re looking for a good quality oil on a budget, this product is definitely for you.

Nayiri T

After a month of using MAYU oil, I have seen several changes that have pleasantly surprised me. I saw a significant improvement in the health and growth of my hair. For example, I noticed that I had less hair loss, especially during my shampooing. I also noticed that my hair grew stronger and thicker. Although my hair is dyed, the product did not affect my color. I find it to be simple, effective and easy to use. Plus, I loved the lavender scent the oil leaves on after application. In short, I highly recommend this oil for people with severe hair loss and for those with damaged hair. Likewise, I find it to be an affordable product and you get great value for you money.

Delmy R

This product is great. After washing the oil out of my hair, it was silky and had a natural shine to it. My scalp felt refreshed, and I generally have itchy scalp due to dermatological issues. My hair is fuller and has more volume. Great smell and all natural ingredients. 10/10 recommend this product.

Mercedes F